Henryk Gallery | 24/7
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Michał Soja

23.04.2016 – 05.05.2016

1 day, 24 hour, 1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds, tens of thousands of arising ideas, millions of motor-activating muscle contractions, millions of stimuli arriving from body tissues and stimulating the nervous system. 24 hours of duration filled with unconscious sustenance of life processes and rationalised entering into social relations, above which the commercial imperative for action resounds. The world does not sleep and you, too, must enter the continuous stand-by. Create and produce. Act! Exhaustion is your enemy and sleep’s your rival. Your eyes should always be half-open, muscle proactively tight and your hearing focused to the point of detecting even the slightest call for action. You can’t miss it! Promos and satisfactions await you. You just cannot let this pass you by. So gather the coupons, while you can, the payback points, the Lidl offers. They will quench your needs and make room for the production of your new needs. Open 24/7, home delivery. Free up to 10 km. Doorbell: “Good morning, prox or PIN?” Access codes, digital systems, sequences of sings, the transaction effected with fictional currency.

Your standardised movement will surely get you there. Sit down, stand up, click and drag the view to the required position. Rhythmical and simple. Persist and repeat the sequence. Go right, left, down, up, on. Go to the table and right-click for menu. Never back down, no time for tripping, one doubt – you’re out. Parameters of your potential reactions have already been precisely calculated. “Caution slippery floor”. The system accepts no inability. The machine will not stop.  You better make the earlier tram. One two three, one two three, one two three. Join our late-capitalist dance of death. “Dance! There’s nothing else.”

Know that you are the weakest link in your cyborg machine. The most natural instrument of your body wears off in direct proportion to the passing minutes of working time. Each second depletes your organic activity engine. “Good morning, do you accept multi-sport?” Your spine is trodden along during a Thai massage. Cracking weirdly, moving gristles. Food supplement is necessary. Iron-deficiency causes anaemia. Iron oversupply leads to depression. Inhale, exhale. “Imagine you’re putting down roots that cut deep through layers and layers of earth. Now, don’t fall over, please. Your spine is the universal axis keeping you upright.” Take one more deep breath. In and out. Now, open your eyes… and run producing refreshed.

Text author: Sabina Drąg

Curator: Aleksander Celusta