Henryk Gallery | Adam’s Rib
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Łukasz Skąpski Żebro Adama

Adam’s Rib

Łukasz Skąpski


Skąpski’s work multiplies Adam’s rib in the title edit 3 + 1. Editing in this number is most commonly used in the art market mainly because of that in the western copyright law works not exceeding four pieces are treated as original works (individual works). Artist, by incorporating the number of edits into the title of the work and presenting what is unique in edition four, plays with a understanding of the uniqueness of the individual act, which was both a biblical creation and what is usually artistic creation. The work relates to the principles of the art market, the issues connected with the creative process and the role of matter – from which the work is created: the editions of the ribs were made of clay, just as Adam’s bibles.

curator: Aleksander Celusta

Partner: Unsound Festival

The exhibitions is co-financed by the Municipality of Krakow. www.krakow.pl