Henryk Gallery | Evergreen
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Martyna Kielesińska


Evergreen is the artist’s third solo exhibition.  Martyna works mainly in the video medium.  In her works, she utilizes the found footage technique by drawing on GIFs found on the web.  Each film is characterized by an atypical mood, created through the use of dynamic editing, which in turn is combined with a nostalgic palette of colors and melancholic music.  The context of these films is also important – the photographic plates used by Martyna are universal in character, which ensures a common understanding.  She plays with elements of pop-cultural iconography.  In this way, her works are decoded on a variety of different levels and become open to interpretation based on the individual experiences of the viewers.  One factor that inspired the creation of this exhibition at Henryk Gallery was a trip to Hubay House, a “holiday salon” in Szentendre, Hungary, where Martyna Kielesińska traveled in 2016 specifically for the purposes of this project.

curator: Aleksander Celusta