Henryk Gallery | I see you can’t make it
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Paweł Susid

I see you can’t make it

Paweł Susid


Paweł Susid’s works are prêt-a-porter placards for various parades. First, oil, then, tempera, then, acrylic. He carries them in a march for art. A painter gets tired, but then again…. who doesn’t. I think they sold me shabby brushes. I tried to paint small paintings. Even the weakest one will be of lesser use in killing another man. In a march against evil politics. Under this minister … duty attack or national defence will not be performed. Entering an exhibition. After leaving Rydzyk you will convert to Islam and turn into F. Dzerzhinsky St.. In a protest against absurdities and thoughtlessness. Have dominion over the earth. The Józef Cyrankiewicz comb. In a demonstration of public sentiment. The 20th century’s over, things will be better now. The next generation isn’t bad, but one needs to stay on the watch. He offers a lapidary and concise utterance of a humorous thought or a serious philosophical truth. Jesus, fuck. If everything’s so nice why do I fell like throwing up?

curator: Aleksander Celusta

The exhibitions is co-financed by the Municipality of Krakow www.krakow.pl