Henryk Gallery | Lord’s favour is no inheritance
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Łaska pańska na pstrym koniu jeździ

Lord’s favour is no inheritance

Paweł Dudziak, Adrian Kolerski, Emilia Kina, Filip Rybkowski, Michał Sroka, Michał Soja, Katarzyna Szymkiewicz


The starting point and inspiration to create a program for opening a new season of the Henryk Gallery was two-year work with artists. In the first year of my activity, I worked on individual exhibitions, practicing as a curator, obtaining a closer relationship with the invited guests. Thanks to the fact that some of them started a permanent cooperation with the Gallery, we managed to transform from a project of space to commercial gallery. The first season was closed with the exhibition called Out of Sight, Out of Mind at which people like: Joanna Rajkowska, Jerzy Kosałka, Tomasz Kręcicki, Bartosz Kokosiński and Paweł Matyszewski, took part.

During the second year, I decided to make an intergenerational scheme of cooperation. To the exhibition Her White Plumage, Shone on by Rays of Light, Gleamed Like the Sun Itself I invited both young and experienced artists, including lecturers of art colleges ( among others were – Jadwiga Sawicka, Krzysztof Maniak, Ewa Zarzycka, Michał Smandek). The penultimate performance on the show – Polen Performance made by duo under Tomasz Pawłowski’s supervision, was a kind of gesture of opening up to other cities and other curators. The second season was closed with a debut – an individual exhibition by Katarzyna Szymkiewicz, this year’s winner of the award called Hestia Artistic Journey.

During this 2 years time, Henryk Gallery also changed. It is no longer just a project space. We have become a commercial gallery and we represent artists who work with us.

The third season opens with three exhibitions about the art market and value. Henryk’s artists will show completely new works in the apartment building at Rakowicka Street. In the Botanical Garden, we will present the work of Łukasz Skąpski, and in the Henryk Gallery at Wrzesińska Street we will show an individual exhibition by Gregor Rozanski.

curator: Aleksander Celusta

partner: Unsound Festival

The exhibitions is co-financed by the Municipality of Krakow. www.krakow.pl