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Make life easier

Karolina Spyrka

05.02.2016 – 10.02.2016

Sunny days are almost gone now, darkness comes faster, what lowers mood, reduces the zest for life and sometimes even causes seasonal depression. Very often our only occupation after work is watching movies and eating unhealthy food. […] Do we really have to wait 5 months to feel desire to again? […] There is no sense to wait for spring to arrive by spending time on the coach. The only thing we need to do is to implement few simple changes in order to make following weeks of winter nicer.

Gosia: Heading towards spring! We shouldn’t wait for it by sitting on the coach and eating candies. How to spend this time, when there is an eternal nightfall outside?. [source: www.makelifeeasier.pl]

The main starting point for Karolina Spyrka’s works is truism, platitude, banality – a frequently repeated cliché. Seemingly meaningless word. A spell aimed at partial shaping of the reality, influencing the sub-consciousness: Be yourself! Fight for yourself! Be brave! Dream big, work hard!

Artist’s exhibition in Henryk Gallery is the first occasion to show her new works and it announces a new direction of actions oriented on “word” perceived as medium. This exposition is based upon performative creation of identity through the series of short video movies. During the event we will show works prepared in homemade aesthetics called DIY. Artist is remixing avant-garde art convention and the ways in which it can be presented throughout usurpation and re-contextualisation of vlogs and of amateurs’ creation. At the same time, like in most of her works, also here artist endeavours to draw attention to auto-therapeutic aspect of art: she struggles with reality and women’s dilemmas.

It is a Gesamtkunstwerk what is also a very characteristic of Karolina Spyrka’s work. Therefore, specifically for the occasion of this exhibit she introduces a unique project at the same time responding to Gosia’s, a Make Life easier blog co-author’s call:

In winter, most of the time we spend at home. Thus, take care to come back there wit pleasure. Create there a nook with an extraordinary atmosphere and so you would love to spend there even long hours. This may be a desk, an armchair or a sofa, no matter what; it should be always kept clean and tidy. Whether there happen to be a lot of books, flowers or candles in there, this will depend only on you.

The structure of presentation will refer to patchwork narration by artist. Feel free to exploit this topic on your own.

Curator: Aleksander Celusta