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Dorotka Kaczmarek i Kamil #2

07.05.2016 – 21.05.2016

Starting from completely disparate points, speaking different languages, exploring distinct spaces – we create corresponding worlds. Does that mean that we have something in common?

The question created MetaSaturday, an event-collision, an attempt at a confrontation with and a working-through of our attitudes.


“Kamil says he makes robot art. Kamil is a romantic and adores red roses.

His worlds are spaces of undulating anxiety. Containing multiplicity and promise.

(Of what?)

I imagine pixels whirling wildly, colliding, scrunch scrunch, the system is overheating and panting, combating the virus. And then it spits it out […]

Kamil betrays nothing or betrays it all. He pulsates silently like a dormant volcano, and when the time is ripe, he erupts. Meanings mount, grow, overload the image. Do they annihilate him or only foreshadow their own fall?”


“Oohmmmm feel this. And now repeat after me: With my eyes shut. Speak up! One more time: With my eyes shut, I shall go and see the work of Dorotka Kaczmarek, Dorotka Kaczmarek [yes!]; and I shall ask viewers unaware of the actual method to describe her works with their very lips; and when the silence falls, I shall burst out laughing and cry out: Huh! you’re just as blind! And then, to drag me out of the present, I shall open my eyes and see the image of the future.”


“…an actual conversation never follows the path we would like to steer it along. One should rather claim that we become embroiled, or even entangled in a conversation. … No-one knows in advance what will transpire in a conversation. Understanding or a lack thereof somehow befalls us.”