Henryk Gallery | Second Coming
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Gregor Rozanski

Second Coming

Gregor Rozanski


Awaiting the return marks the contemporary cultural production, fixated on rebooting the past glory in a perpetual echo. The unfulfilled promises of the past leave us in a sense of delay. Whether we’re anticipating the return of traditional values, or revolutionary communities, there is a Second Coming pending in our collective imagination. Gregor Rozanski’s exhibition explores the aesthetics and sensorium related to this state of expectancy in hopes to make art great again. His research investigates messianic prophecies of counterculture, art, and music in the age of accelerating capital, and progressing decay.

Suffering and salvation wanders through the 100 Octobers that followed the 1917 Revolution. Though the occupant may have changed its name, the tacitcs of refusal, resignation, and sacrifice remain at the center of revolutionary repertoir. The questions of speed and scale emerge again – how to pace the revolution to land the contemporary in a radical way?

Exhibition for working people in the automated world without work for people.

curator: Michał Gulik

Partner: Unsound Festival

The exhibitions is co-financed by the Municipality of Krakow www.krakow.pl