Henryk Gallery | Song and Dance Ensemble Henryk
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Widok na wystawę Zespół Pieśni i Tańca Henryk

Song and Dance Ensemble Henryk

Patrycja Gotszling, Karolina Spyrka, Michał Sroka, Filip Rybkowski, Emilia Kina, Michał Soja, Marianna Serocka


The starting point and inspiration for the current exhibition was my work with the artists in the previous exhibition season at the Henryk! For a number of the artists, these were their first solo exhibitions and first occasions to collaborate with a curator. I decided to produce my concept by sending a letter to the artists, a peculiar form of gratitude for putting their trust in the gallery and our previous cooperation. The letter assumed the shape of an object/artefact purchased at a nearby flea market. Artist invited to cooperation responded – by performing creative interventions or creating completely new works.

On the last Saturday of September (24.09.2016) at 7pm, Henryk will hold the opening of the exhibition Song and Dance Ensemble Henryk. The exhibition will present: videos, objects, photographs, drawings and paintings of all the artists who had individual exhibitions at the Henryk in the previous art season.

Curator: Aleksander Celusta